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Occupational Health Or Industrial Nurse

Job Description


  • Observe and assess the work environment and also the workers, evaluating whether their work puts their health or safety at risk.
  • May need to identify chemical, physical, radiological or biological workplace hazards.
  • May also need to physically examine workers, take medical histories, review results of laboratory tests and report back to the workers and possibly their employer about your findings.
  • Evaluate and manage non-occupational illnesses and injuries that may affect a worker’s health and safety in the workplace.
  • Must know about different workplace health hazards and how they can affect a worker’s health.
  • Must also understand the relevant, site-specific principles of industrial hygiene and personal protective equipment.
  • Must also understand toxicology and epidemiology specific to the workplace that you’re evaluating.
  • Must be able to keep impeccable records, communicate well in writing and work well with others.
  • Perform other task assigned by immediate supervisor or the management.

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